Angela hasn’t returned back home to Romania in more than a year. One day, worried and upset, her husband shows up on short notice.

Financed by Centrul Național al Cinematografiei (Romania), Centre national du cinéma et de l’image animée (France), Mairie de la Ville de Paris, Canal+

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Let your voice do the talking  0:57

Jean-René and Mihai engage in a dialogue without words

Can you open your eyes?  1:38

Mihai, 30 years old, used to be a “genius child”. He used to speak with ease in front of the public, who raved about his talents.

A compliant voice or no voice at all  2:39

Octavia and Jean-René search for what is hidden in her voice

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András Hatházi
Carmen Ungureanu
Mickael Durard
Marie-France Alvarez
Iulian Ciobotariu
Costel Hanga
Vasile Florea
Mirela Murăruşi
Floarea Obsitos


Written and directed by Andra Chiriac
1st AD: Vincent Gonzalez
Director of Photography: Barbu Bălășoiu
Casting: Floriela Grapini, Stéphanie Doncker
Editor: Dan Ştefan Pârlog
Sound Engineer: Olivier Pelletier
Sound Editor: Damien Guillaume
Music: Byung-woo Lee
Sound Mixer: Matthieu Tibi
Set Designer: Émilie Boutillier
Colorist: Claudiu Doagă
Producer: Daniel Mitulescu
Coproducer: Nicolas Brevière

Curatorial statement

An insightful foray into the scarred psyche of a whole generation born in the 80’s Romania, at the end of 30 years of communist dictatorship and the dawn of wild eastern capitalism. The collective trauma of communism had a complex, insidious impact on people’s lives on all levels, including at the core of their intimate lives and family bonds. This 80’s generation, now reaching their 30’s to 40’s, find themselves struggling with the shadows of this past.

Two of these young people, poet Mihai and choreographer Octavia get the chance to participate in a self-exploratory workshop called “Primitive Voice”, where together with the French trainer-therapist Jean-René Toussaint, they look into deblocking old defense mechanisms and fears that stop them from being free, express themselves and grow. This process triggers for each of them a journey of self-discovery, both uncomfortable and healing. They take a walk down the memory lane, to understand what might have “crippled” their voice and inner freedom, and to reconnect with their authentic selves and feelings.

Shifting poetically between past and present, between the protagonists’ inner worlds and their daily challenges in re-learning how to connect with the closed ones and yet to also preserve their own healthy boundaries, the film follows this transformative process with sensitivity and patience, with astute intuition and grace, up to final moments of subtle yet empowering “blooming”.
In the classical observational vein, the film is deeply engaging and craftly made, and has a human depth and relevance which might have a meaningful impact on the younger generations interested in self-reflexion and personal growth.


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Miercuri, 28 iulie 2021, ora 22:00
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