Synopsis | Angela hasn’t returned back home to Romania in more than a year. One day, worried and upset, her husband shows up on short notice.

Financed by | Centrul Național al Cinematografiei (Romania), Centre national du cinéma et de l’image animée (France), Mairie de la Ville de Paris, Canal+


András Hatházi
Carmen Ungureanu
Mickael Durard
Marie-France Alvarez
Iulian Ciobotariu
Costel Hanga
Vasile Florea
Mirela Murăruşi
Floarea Obsitos


Written and directed by Andra Chiriac
1st AD: Vincent Gonzalez
Director of Photography: Barbu Bălășoiu
Casting: Floriela Grapini, Stéphanie Doncker
Editor: Dan Ştefan Pârlog
Sound Engineer: Olivier Pelletier
Sound Editor: Damien Guillaume
Music: Byung-woo Lee
Sound Mixer: Matthieu Tibi
Set Designer: Émilie Boutillier
Colorist: Claudiu Doagă
Producer: Daniel Mitulescu
Coproducer: Nicolas Brevière

Director’s notes

With Borders, I wanted to follow those interior fences, those emotional and affective walls that grow between two people. For they are the ones that separate us before any other.

Visually, we searched to create a realism touched by poetry, as I was convinced from the start that this story claimed a delicate and subtle visual treatment. Still, the mise en scene had to be marked by a rigorous quest for simplicity. 

The sound was meant to follow the same rule of simplicity.
I wanted to highlight noises that strengthened the feeling of loneliness, irritation and anxiety.
Sometimes, the sound realism was suspended to better express the character’s state of mind, like it happened in the scene where Tavi watches Angela in the carousel while the excitement cries turn into something that resembles the wind.

Concerning the casting, the challenge was to find actors who would express strong emotions through a nuanced and refrained acting.
They had to be plausible in the part of these working-class characters, but they also needed to have the look of those people who haven’t found inner peace yet, the look of people who carry a wound inside them and a mute anger. In other words, actors whose faces and gaze cried louder that their words.



Gent Film Fest, Belgium, Festival International D’Aix en Provence – France, Euroshorts Gdansk International Film Festival – Poland – Best Fiction Shortfilm award, Festival Européen du Film Court de Nice – France, Festival de Cine de Alcalá de Henares – Spain, Durban International Film Festival – South Africa, Trieste Film Festival – Italy, Portobello Film Festival – UK, Lucania Film Festival – Italy, Balkan Can Kino – Greece, Festival du film court francophone Un poing c’est court – France, Ça Tourne en Ile-de-France – Festival Paris Courts Devant – France, Short Film Corner, nominated for the Romanian Gopo Awards (2019)